Job Opportunities for International Students

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    Job Opportunities for International Students


    When abroad, most students are looking to work for leisure or travel. While studying at a university or college in the U.S, it can be difficult for international students to obtain a job, because sometimes there are restrictions regarding visas. Although an international student cannot apply for every position that is offered outside of the school, there are still plenty of jobs that are available and legal while studying abroad. 


    University Library

    Have you ever considered working in a library but don’t know where you would help? Well, no need to dream about it, because university libraries are almost always hiring every year! Working at a university library is a common job for international students. A library job is a great way to meet new people, gain experience in a new workplace, and make some money for leisure. There are many different roles in the library such as at the help desk, technical support, cafe jobs, and research opportunities in different departments. Average hours per week working at the library, can be anywhere from 10-20. 



    Are you interested in working with professors that conduct research in a specific field you’re studying? Well, you’re in luck, because helping out with research is an opportunity to take advantage of while attending a university! Research opportunities are offered at various universities in different fields. The best way to get connected with research jobs is to network with professors and teachers in the field you might be interested in! Whether it’s volunteering to work with a faculty member on one of their projects or connecting someone through another person, letting people know you are interested in research will help you get a job in the field! This position may be harder to achieve due to competition for experience, but it is a great resume booster for future jobs after graduation.



    Are you knowledgeable in a certain field and want to help people? Well then tutoring is the job for you! Most universities offer tutoring in a variety of subjects and involve a learning relationship student to student. Most tutoring jobs have qualifications that are looked at before being hired as a potential tutor. For example, at Kent State University, you must have a

    minimum 3.0 GPA, have to have earned a B or higher in the class you are tutoring in, and have enough patience & flexibility to work with students (“Become a Tutor or SI Leader.” Kent State University).  Tutors usually work at least 10-15 hours a week, which involves working with people at different times of the day. 



    These jobs aren’t the only options at universities. There are so many other jobs that universities offer all over the country that international students can take advantage of! Building a resume and gaining work experience in college is a great way to prepare yourself for your future career. Universities want to give students a chance to learn in different ways that will help them succeed in their academic career! 


    “Become a Tutor or SI Leader.” Kent State University,


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