Advice for International Students before Studying in the U.S.

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    Studying abroad is a big decision to make. It takes a lot of courage to leave your life away from home, and expose yourself to a new culture. Although the process can seem overwhelming, here is some advice to help you feel prepared!



    Before you leave your country, make sure you are 100% set. A good tip is to set up a spending budget beforehand, so you have enough money on your journey. In the U.S., food and tuition is usually more expensive than in most countries. Contact college or university for help on finding a stable living place that you can afford! Whether it’s a dormitory or off campus apartment, the school is always there to help! Remember that you will also have to be able to buy the necessities for living. Make sure to make a list, and try to stick by it the whole time!


    Try to get involved

    Any university that you will attend will have many clubs and organizations to get involved in. The best way to make friends is to join a club that interests you. Remember to have an open mind and be prepared to meet new people! The college experience in America is like no other, so try to make the most out of your time by being active in the student body.


    You’re not alone!

    An international office is provided at many schools in the U.S. If you’re ever struggling, just know you’re not alone and there are people there for you whenever you need assistance. There are also other resources that universities provide such as writing centers, tutoring, counseling and career exploration help as well. 



    Being homesick is common for anyone traveling to a different place and leaving friends and family behind. Luckily, we have an endless amount of technology to help us connect with loved ones! Try to make time to video chat/call family and friends, but remember to stay present in your own life at college. Look for ways to feel at home, like finding a restaurant that has your favorite dish from home! This experience is once in a lifetime, and enjoying the moment is very important in studying abroad


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